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Joining YFCC


YFCC is a family of believers that depend upon each other for support and survival. As such we vet all new members to make sure they will fit into our family. Community security is taken very serious. It has been our experience that anyone not willing to invest in the community will not be willing to do what it takes to help the community to be successful. When joining YFCC you can “know” that we have your back and we want to “know” that you have ours!

YFCC members share all things in common, this includes payments for land, housing, utilities, food, local travel expenses and schooling for children of the community. We are looking into Group Medical Insurance, Comprehension and Collision Insurance for the Community. A emergency travel fund will be established.

You need to do the following when joining our community:

1. Pay all required fees

a. 250.00 Application fee non-refunding,

b. 250.00 Membership fee refundable if your membership is not accepted.

c. 1000.00 Security Deposit refundable minus any fees

2. You must be willing to submit to a background investigation.

3. You must be vetted by the YFCC Membership committee

4. When and if accepted you must submit the required legal documents:

The following legal documents are required to become a members of YFCC.

a) Living Will (with the alternate agent being a member of the YFCC community. (The suggested alternate agent is the Member Services Officer)

b) Medical Power of Attorney

The following legal documents are required to become a members of YFCC.

c) End of Life Plan (Provides clear instructions for your funeral, remains, services, and more….)

d) Just -In-Case Instructions (Compile your personal, legal, and financial information with Just-in-case instructions. Having a single document for quick reference helps handle your affairs in case of an emergency)

e) Personal Care Profile (A personal Care profile documents your interest, preferences and key health information for current or future caregivers.)

5. A financial Statement showing total income in accordance with YFCC policy.

In the future our goal is provide this lifestyle to anyone regardless of financial capabilities as long as they agree to live by the community standards and can pass the vetting process. We are not currently capable of doing this.