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Choose a Sustainable Living Community in Yeshurun Farms

Sustainable living is no longer an idea on the fringe. As human beings place more and more demands on the world’s resources, both natural and human made, we recognize just how finite the earth is.

At Yeshurun Farms, a sustainable lifestyle allows us freedom, choice, and more control over how we live and use or preserve our resources.

Solar, Propane, and Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG)

As a society, we face increasing energy costs and diminishing energy resources. One goal of our sustainable community is to reduce consumption and expense by off-grid living options.

State-of-the-Art Solar Power
Solar power is a truly renewable energy source. It is pollution-free, emitting no greenhouse gases. It also costs less and is low maintenance once installed.

Propane Generator and Appliances
When an emergency or disaster strikes, we’ll be ready. Startup our propane generator as frequently or infrequently as we like. There’s no concern that the fuel has been contaminated or degraded.

Propane storage tanks don’t allow for spillage or waste, and their shelf life is limitless.

The use of propane reduces CO2 emissions as a clean-burning fuel. In fact, a propane generator releases about half the carbon dioxide of a typical gasoline generator.

It’s a reliable, low-cost fuel requiring little to no maintenance.

AWG and Septic
One benefit of sustainable living is unlimited access to fresh, clean, and refreshing water. It is purer than what you get from city taps.

And because AWG water is sourced from the air Yeshurun Farms, there is no energy wasted in transportation and storage. There will be no more municipal usage fees!

All at Yeshurun Farms will have AWG water and a septic tank for wastewater. Your home can optionally include a cellar for storing non-perishable food items and a water cache.

Share the Sustainable Living Commitment with Your Neighbors

Yeshurun Farms is a community of like minded people. The ultimate goal of our community is to live by the statues, laws, commandments and judgements of YAH, minimize waste, reduce consumption, and preserve open space.

You and your neighbors can share information about recycling, composting, access to local agriculture, preserving goods, and a myriad of other sustainable living ideals. You’ll never feel like you’re “going it alone” with so many helpful resources at your fingertips.

However, we are not solely defined by sustainable living. Our location is the place for a remote community.

Sustainable Living Mindset

Perhaps you’ve dabbled at creating a sustainable lifestyle but are limited in what you can accomplish. It could be you currently live in the city or a large suburban area.

Or perhaps you have no experience with sustainable communities at all yet. Your mind might imagine living in a tiny, rustic cabin with no power, growing vegetables, hunting for food, and cooking it over a fire!

The citizens of Yeshurun Farms enjoy a modern lifestyle with all the modern convenience and yes we will grow our own food.