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Yeshurun Farms Vision Statement

Yeshurun Farms Community Co-op is group of historically under-served producers (HUP). We believe that being good stewards of the planet, in harmony with the local environments ,developing our land with an eye on protecting vital natural systems and wild life go hand in hand with our biblical principals. We are a farming community that pools our monies and shares all our resources. We all have everything in common for the common good of the community and the environment. We are a remote community growing our own food, producing our own power and water. We practice land conservation and sustainable farming and living. Our homes will be built according to green standards and guidelines and will be environmentally sound. We will implement procedures on the land to reduce soil erosion, enhance water supply, improve air quality, maintain or increase local wildlife habitat and reduce monsoon flood damage. We will promote and educate NRCS programs and careers through education and demonstration of conservation practices to other HUPs, develop community conservation partnerships that encourage HUPs to protect farmland ecosystems, watersheds, and wildlife habitat in geographical areas of under-served communities. We will also inform small scale or urban agriculture producers about participation in conservation programs. We will educate HUPs on how to plan for and adopt climate smart conservation practices.

Yeshurun Farms Community members are dedicated to living sustainable lives and teaching other HUPs how to live the same way. Sustainable living is a way of life and most historically under-served people have traditionally lost their lands and the ability to be self-sustaining communities. We at Yeshurun Farm believe we must help to teach current HUPs and establish and raise the next generation that understands and believes in living sustainably and conserving natural resources in our local communities.

For the Yeshurun Farm Community sustainability means producing power by sun and wind. Helping to maintain the current water table and aquifers by using the latest technologies, such as Atmospheric water generators, farming without using fertilizers or pesticides and living in harmony with local wildlife by setting aside land where local wildlife may find a habitat to thrive in. Practicing natural resource conservation utilizing current best practices.

In addition to educating HUPs, the Yeshurun Farms Farming and Resource Conservation Training Center will be a three – seven day training program that will intercept troubled teens of historically under-served peoples in the school to prison pipeline and introduce them to farming and natural resource conservation. They will be encouraged to pursue farming or careers at NRCS.