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Our Position on COVID19 and All Plaques

Back in January 2019, when COVID-19 was first announced, I informed our congregation that COVID19 is global judgement from The Most High Elohim, calling all men unto repentance. The judgment will only fall on those who are not under YAH’s protection. While mankind is running around trying to find a cure or a booster shot that will allow him to circumvent the judgement of YAH, never once do you hear man-kind asking, “Is this because of our sin and wickedness. Has Elohim caused this come upon us that we might repent?”

Because Yah’s Global Kingdom Ministries (YGKM) members believe this is a judgement from Elohim we will not be participating in vaccinations which seek to side-step the judgement of Elohim. YAH, Elohim of Jacob, of Isaac and Israel is able to protect those that love Him and keep his commandments. I encourage you all to trust in YAH in these matters.

Sincerely with all gravity

Bro Miles


Modified 01/21/2020

Man’s attempt to side step judgement